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Boeing 314 Clipper History

The B-314 was the largest commecial plane until the coming of the jumbo jets 30 years later.

B314 at take-offBoeing 314 Clipper Data Sheet

Flying boat, 1938

Development: The Model 314 was a combination of the Wellwood E. Beall's design and the Boeing XB-15 bomber. The aircraft first flew on June 7, 1938. A total of 12 aircraft were built of which, the last one was retired in 1951. To the public, China Clipper became a generic name and originally was applied to all three of the Martin M-130's in Pan Am's fleet and, later, even to the Boeing B-314's.
Modifications: Model A314 – upgraded engines and increased fuel capacity; First flight March 20, 1941; Six aircraft built to this configuration.
Service: With Pan American Airways, BOAC, US Navy.
Wingspan:152 feet / 46.3 m
Length:106 feet / 32.3 m
Height:28 feet / 8.4 m
Gross Weight:82,500 lbs / 38300 kg
Engines:4x Wright GR-2600-A2 "Double Cyclone" 14-cylinder Radial Engines (1600 horsepower each)
Maximum Speed:318 km/h
Cruise Speed:294 km/h
Cruise Ceiling:19,800 feet / 6030 m
Range:3500 miles / 8320 km
Payload:40-74 (36 night) passengers

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