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Explains just about all you need to know about Cassette Duplication in a Fun and Informative way!


How To Duplicate Without A Lot Of Static AT CASSETTE WORKS, our goal is to help you duplicate your cassettes without a lot of static. We want to help you optimize the three constraints of any project time, money and quality.


We offer a single point at which you can turn your idea or product into a marketable package. We can handle as little or as much of the project as you require. Concentrating your efforts can save you time and money.

With over 15 years of experience, we are aware of your needs and concerns and we know how to meet them.

Since the majority of our clients have come to us from other production companies, we have experience in making the transition easy and "static-free."


Fortunately, we have been in the enviable position of being able to constantly update, or in some cases, completely replace our equipment. We have done this to take advantage of the rapidly changing technology of this industry. This has not come without a considerable investment of money. However, we feel that it has been necessary in order to maintain our commitment to quality and efficiency of operation. As a result, we give you the best value.

Important too, is the flip side of the same coin methodology. As we learn more, as equipment improves, as tape formulations change, and the consumer demands more, so must a company on the cutting edge change its methodologies. As a result, we've implemented advanced procedural methods into our operations. This is an ongoing technique that will insure up-to-date processes long into the future.


Unlike other companies, Cassette Works doesn't use two standards of quality one for music and one for voice. Instead, we use one high standard, which means that you can be assured that if your spoken word program has subtle sound effects, your copies will have them too. The sound won't be clipped-off, rolled-off, or beyond the frequency response of the equipment or tape. And at Cassette Works, there's no extra charge for doing it right.


In this issue of PLAYBACK we will try to provide you with the necessary information to make intelligent decisions regarding your cassette project. Audio and video represent relatively new technologies; their full potentials have not yet been tapped. As in the painting by Seurat, seurat many points of activity conspire to produce a single effect. Our job at Cassette Works is to help you to tie all of this activity together to create a synergistic whole. From the good foundation laid down in this guide, we hope to help you get a better sense of where you are headed and the means to get there.

Look at Cassette Works as your "in-house"cassette production facility. We want to help you to bring your idea to its full potential. On this web site we give you additional project guidelines that will help to expedite your order. We ask that you contact us, the "Masters of Duplication," with any questions you might have concerning the specifics of your upcoming project.

Selecting Tape

AT CASSETTE WORKS, we don't cut corners when it comes to materials. We never use "junk" tape. This is for our mutual benefit. Inferior quality would compromise your reputation and ours. Additionally, poor quality tape causes greater tape-head wear and increases maintenance costs for supplier and customer alike.


If you combine poor tape with a bad tape housing or shell, you are likely to incur more costs in returned product than you thought you might save by using the cheaper materials. What might have been the lowest bid could easily turn out to be the highest cost to you.

No matter what your budget is, it just doesn't make good business sense to use low-quality product. It's not "just a promotional cassette" it's a reflection of what you're promoting.
Tape Tip

All of the tape we use is suitable for music recordings. However, different tapes have different properties and some will be better than other for your specific needs. Your sales consultant can help you decide which tape is appropriate for you.


For an additional charge, chrome tape is also available at normal equalization to make it more "playable" in a greater number of cassette decks.

However, the decision to use chrome tape should not be based on the assumption that it is better than ferric or normal bias tape formulations it is not. While it delivers an extended dynamic range, it may not have the best overall sound quality for a specific type of music.

Some major record labels suggest that they use chrome tape, not so much because of better sound quality, as for the perception at the customer level that chrome is better.

We also stock five basic premium grade, five-screw cassette shells. These include white, black, clear, and "chrome shells."

Consumers are now more conscious than ever before about quality. With all the improvements today, they demand it.

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